2017 Wrap Up

I know this is somewhat delayed, but hey, we’re the McLeod’s and that’s just how we roll. 😊

As some of you may be aware, we decided to leg it home for Christmas. Yep, we drove 3, 200 kms to be with family over the Chrissy break. My sister and her family planned to go home to Rocky to spend Christmas with mum and dad.  As it’s been a few years since we have all been together, it may be a few years till it happens again (as they have moved to Perth), and as we needed to get some work done to the car, we thought we’d make a Christmas out of it – what a Christmas it was.

The drive home was long. It took just over three days of driving. Driving through the NT was lovely, but you could tell when we hit Queensland (the sign did help) as the landscape changed and it was so dry. Out to Cloncurry wasn’t too bad, but south down to Longreach and across to the Gem Fields, it was just desolate. It was great to drive without towing the van – that was left parked up in Kununurra – but we will tow a small trailer home.  I’ll explain that in the next post.

It really is dry in outback Queensland. It takes a special person to withstand such hard conditions, even the livestock do it tough. It was so hot, dry and not much shade. My hat is off to those folk. I’m sure parts of the NT are dry, but with the wet season, down to Threeways and across the Barkley, it just seemed green and able to sustain life.

We spent a night in Comet to visit friends and family there before heading to Rocky to surprise my sister and her clan and what a great surprise it was!

Not long after Christmas, the Lloyd’s left back to Sydney for the final move to the West Coast and then it wasn’t long after that we said bye to my folks.

Now we are spending some time with the Plumbs up in Wangan. We really do love North Qld – it’s so green, a little warm but so much to see and do up here. I am a little surprised that we haven’t been for a drive out to Paronella Park just yet, but it’s the weekend soon. 😊