A massive weekend in Rocky

It was a weekend of highs and lows and it ended with us consulting a few mates in whiskey… We couldn’t see if we would leave Rockhampton or not.

But I will start with Friday and work our way through.

So Friday Tim and I went to a Relay for Life event. It was great to kick back and have a few beers all for a worthy cause. To top it off – Tim won a meat tray!!! We were so excited as we had planned a big weekend.

Saturday morning was no different to many others as Tim went off to work. The good thing about today was that I knew he would be home come lunch time as we had some good times planned with the Halens!

Al and Hailey are old mates of Tim’s and now good friends to us both. So we had planned to go to the movies (FYI we were 20 minutes early – CRAZY I know) to see the new Transformers and then to dinner that night.

We had such a great night and it was the first time in a long time that we all just sat back and relaxed. Even after dinner, the lads lit a fire and we just chilled.

Why the celebrations??? WE HAVE OUR CAMPER!!!! Well, we have most of it. It’s been in at Swains getting repaired and they gave it to us to test out. So we set up the camper in the Halen’s backyard and slept there the night. RESULT!

It was great. It felt like we were so close to leaving.  With all the planning and preparation we’ve (mostly Tim) has done over the last 12 months was starting to pay off.

Sunday morning came and went after a lovely fry-up! Then Sunday afternoon hit like an unwanted bomb strike and it hit us both hard. Tim spent the day installing the final leaf spring for the suspension (I know a little about this as I helped to install the leaf suspension on the Colorado) and we took it for a test drive. On the drive, we had the opportunity to weight the car and after our recent GVM upgrade, we were devastated to see it was at 3.22t empty and our limit is 3.33t. So not many words were spoken.

We previously opted to reduce the fridge from 120L to 60L. We have yet to fit out for Tim’s tools (so we can earn some money on the way), as well as fill the 120L water tank, the diesel tank and add on the many little extras we need to include. On top of that we’re no longer sure we can use the current tray and are now researching alternative options.

Needless to say, when dad suggested a drink last night we both welcomed this idea! We had some Johnny green and also tried some Scottish and Japanese scotch. It was needed.

Now, to re-group and figure out what the next move is. For many this may end the trip, but for us, we just need to find a hack! Once found, I’ll let you know what the next step is.

ETD: September

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  1. This will be one of those exciting parts to the story when you look back.. Although right now I’m
    Sure it’s tough! Hack away guys. Sure you’ll find a way through. Or around x

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