A trip to Brissy

What an awesome trip we had!
The trip to Brisbane was an intense 7 hour drive consisting of some serious brainstorming. Well, Jo was asleep for most of the trip but when she was awake, the brainstorm sessions were a knockout!
So why the brainstorming?  Well it has to do with a life changing event!

Give up?
Tim is finalising his builder’s licence! So we thought we may get some signage done for the car as Tim thought it was time to change the business name as well.
Advertising can be a tricky business and all we had was some random, ideas of the ‘kinda’ and the ‘you know what I mean’ type. Thankfully, our consultant Aaron was able to design something for us on the spot! We loved it! He made everything so easy! So if any of you need any signage done – check out A.L. Signs in Brisbane! Just don’t call him Al. It’s A dot L.  His name is Aaron. 🙂
So after an extremely productive morning we raced (within legal limits) across town to our afternoon meeting with Gary Sellers -the gentleman who is assisting Tim with his application for a builder’s licence. We are so grateful to have found Gary. He basically takes Tim’s experience and words it for the government application. It was really interesting to hear him explain what the application board is looking for and what they couldn’t care less about, like Tim’s mine site experience equates to nothing in their eyes.

So, our next trip will be in early November when we pick up our van and get the signage put onto the Ranger!!!

It’s getting exciting all over again. 🙂