AAAANNNNDDDD we’re off!!!!

So we finally got on the road and yes, that too wasn’t without any issues.

We stuck to the plan and headed north and decided to spend a couple of nights at Carmilla. About an hour into the Conveyor belt on the caravantrip, we tried hailing the truckie in front of us via the two way. No answer… We needed to tell him that his load was starting to fall off. Sadly, we couldn’t get through and a vehicle came between us. Then the load (a conveyor belt) fell off and got hooked on the front of our van. We had no place to pull over and another semi following close behind. It was an issue as it was hooked on one of the stabilisers and was coming close to getting stuck under the wheel.

We eventually pulled over and ripped out the 12-meter-long conveyor but it was a tense few minutes.

Carmilla didn’t let us down. We stayed once before but this time we had Snow and she loved it! We didn’t need to keep her away from the water as it was pretty rough. Lucky, as there are signs up everywhere for crocs and sharks.

Tim, under the full moon at the boat launchAfter Carmilla, we spent a few days in Mackay and stayed at the boat yard with Tim’s uncle. It was the first time Jodi ever saw a boat launch and it was amazing! Martin is the guy whose boat needed to get launched at the high tide of the full moon. It was additionally exciting as Martin is from the Czech Republic and is in the process of sailing around the world! Such an adventure!