Atherton Tablelands

We had another day exploring the tablelands and loved it. You may have seen a few pics we posted of the beautiful views when we had coffee, or stunning surroundings from our craft beer/distillery stop. If it sounds like we have fallen in love with the far north, than I think I’d have to agree with you. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop here. Not yet at least as we still have plenty to explore in Australia! Once the lap is over, then we’ll pick where we want to call home.

Everywhere you look while up at the tablelands, is like looking at a postcard. I swear, it’s heavenly! Whether its raining or bright sunshine, this place is sensational. It has something for everyone! Cafes, museums, hikes, national parks, a dairy that also makes chocolates, exquisite shops and just the friendliest people.

Our day was all-encompassing – we saw some waterfalls, hiked to see some waterfalls, went to Skybury cafe that has a wicked view of the valley,  saw some more waterfalls, experienced a drive-through bakery, checked out some crater lakes before taking in the final few waterfalls and tacking the Gillies Range.

Please don’t take this range if you are unsure or get a little motion sickness as there are over 200 bends, but if you’re ok with that, it offers lovely views!

It was hard picking a few pictures for this post, you really need to come and see this place for yourself!

We plan on spending some time up at the Tablelands next week, so no doubt I’ll be writing more about it!