Cape York

Sunset at Seisa

We had a great couple of days exploring the cape. We went and looked at plane wrecks marked as tourist sites as well as trying to find some marked with GPS locations. Sadly, we later found out that the army had removed these some time ago, but it was fun getting out in the bush and having a look.

I’m sure you don’t really want to know about all that. What you really want to know is did we make it to the tip?? Well, we did, and we got wet! You see, at high tide, the sign to the tip goes under water a little and when we called into the Croc Tent, we were warned that there have been several croc sightings the last couple of days so to be careful when posing for a pic. GREAT.

We got there, had our pics taken and believe it or not, we also had reception there! So Tim and I got on our phones and made a few calls! We’d been planning this part of the trip for so long, it was as if we couldn’t believe we were finally there! Blue water, rocky headland and wind. That’s what I’ll remember about the tip.

There is also an old resort that has gone to ruin up there too, so we had a look around it as well. It would have been amazing in its hey day. It’s called Pajinka Wilderness Lodge and is based in the forest before the tip. So sad to see something like that, waste away.

We didn’t stay and dwell on it too long as we wanted to do the 5 Beaches drive to the east of the tip. Again, simply stunning and we camped at the last beach. We camped the night at the end of the track (Nanthau Beach) and just when we were getting comfortable and relaxed, Tim thought he spotted a croc. None of us believed him, so we decided to walk over the prove that it was a rock. That rock moved. Tim was right but thankfully it moved before we got there. Don’t worry, there was enough timber on the fire to keep it blazing all night long.