Our first post from the hot sorry, I mean the top end. Yes, while you are all complaining about the cold, we are living it up in the heat. So much so that a few campers have opted to go home early as it’s simply too hot for them here.

We’ve been busy bees since arriving here and we are both working so sadly not seeing too much of the town.

That changed this week with the arrival of my folks. I’ve taken a couple of weeks off work and Tim is trying to slot us in wherever he can.

Having said that, the first few days they were here were epic! We went on a tour of the harbour and ended up taking some spectacular shots of the sunset while eating fish and chips on the sandbar, then we had Territory Day. How amazing is that! It felt like all kinds of good just buying the fireworks, but then to let them off – along Dripstone Cliffs (with what felt like half the town) was simply amazing! Below is a clip of our first ever experience at being pyrotechnics! 

The third night, we had a few drinks with Amanda and John who were heading home the next day and then after touring around town we ended up at Stokes Hill Wharf for dinner.

A relatively quiet day today and then tomorrow we are off to Crocdylus Park and hopefully hitting some other tourist sites before we head to Katherine.