FNQ 2018

Some of you have been wondering what we are doing in Cairns. So here it is…we’ve had the chassis extended and a new tray built!

So a while back, we decided to make a few changes to the car. We didn’t know if we would start again or simply modify what we have. After crunching the numbers over a few beers it was decided to modify. It also helped that if we opted to modify, we could have a family Christmas – so really it was a no brainer.

While we have been here a little longer than planned, we were able to make a future plan. Yes, Tim and Jodi have an ‘up to October ‘ plan. We are going to stay in Kununurra for a while as Tim has ongoing work there and I too have a job at EI Questro. To say I’m pumped is an understatement!!!

Here’s hoping the car is sorted soon and we will be back home to our van in Kununurra!

Happy weekend everyone! ! !