The dream continues.

So far, we spent a few days in Townsville catching up with mates and family as well as getting new tyres for the caravan. It seems the GT Radials aren’t our cup of tea. We decided it was best to get something with slightly thicker walls, and converted the two lost tyres to Toyos – thanks to Robo for your advice!
We stopped off at the Plumb’s in Innisfail and they were pretty relieved to see us in a caravan and not the camper. They were kind enough to take us in last year when the camper went to crap and were also the one’s who planted the seed to get a caravan. So a massive thanks to them!
As some of you may know we went back to Paronella Park a couple of weeks back. We never thought we would use the ticket again (did you know the tickets last two years!!!) but thankfully they store your details on the system. This time we did the night tour and the hydro tour and caught up with Mark whom we met while at the Caravan and Camping show in Brissy earlier this year. The staff there are amazing and work (if you can call it that) with such passion! If you haven’t been to Paronella Park, it’s well worth the visit and if you haven’t been in a while, then go back as I think it’s an amazing place!
After we booked the evening and hydro tours, we had some time up our sleaves so we ventured to Kurrimine Beach. It too was lovely and the pub served up some great meals! There is so much to see and do up here and to top it off, the service we’ve experience so far has always been friendly.
After doing the hydro and evening tour at Paronella Park, where else do you go but the Mena Creek pub and low and behold, the publican doesn’t mind a drop of craft beer. So, Jodi ate dinner on her own while Tim caught up on the latest drops with Nick (the publican) and then ran into a mate he hadn’t seen in a long while.
Don’t worry, it’s not only Tim who is catching up with mates of old, Jodi too has got her social wings on and has been out and about catching up with mates that have relocated to the area. If you’re in Innisfail, make sure you check out the Wai Young Restaurant! The pepper steak and lemon chicken are to die for!!!
Well, it seems there’s enough product placement in this post to last a while. Haha, it seems everyone is in small business these days. On a serious note, thanks to all our mates for their advice and help – hence the shout outs!