I did mention our gear was an evolving project

Well, it seems our trip is evolving. We are heading back to Rockhampton.
What can I say…we haven’t slept in our camper for over a month and have grown tired of all the drama that’s involved so we plan on returning the camper and asking for our money back, or some sort of a solution that includes them keeping the camper.

This choice wasn’t made lightly, not only do we need to take the bloody thing back to Rocky but we are now researching what to live in, and the bad news is, everything else we find is a caravan. Why is that so bad??? Have you ever tried to load a boat on-top of a caravan? Well, we’re not even going to try.
So we’ve decided to not worry about the boat. We’ll take it up the Cape and then offload it.
So many changes and don’t worry, Snow and Jo are still on the ‘items to bring’ list! They made the cut!