It happens in three’s.

So the last few posts were about what we did (and planned to do) with some mates while they were here.
Unfortunately, while they were here our car was in a small accident. It was hit while parked up. Yep, that’s the third time our car has been hit while parked. Twice now from the accidents and once with a rust issue.
The car was in at ARB Cairns getting some work done. As we went in to collect the car, Tim received a call from the manager advising him a delivery driver had driven into the car.
Now, I’m not sure if we are incredibly fussy or are just unlucky enough to always have bad service (feel free to re-read the posts under ‘before we leave‘), but we can’t fault the service provided by ARB Cairns. As weird as this is to write, it was the best service we have ever had and we couldn’t thank them enough. Yep, it was unfortunate but they dealt with it so incredibly well! Thanks once again to Lachlan, Mike and the team!

Since then, we have had a few issues with the Jayco and since we are a few months out of the warranty period we are waiting to see what happens.  So in the last two weeks, it seems the roof started to leak, our wall has, what it appears to be a pimple problem, there is crazing on the front of the van and the rectifier seems to be on the brink – meaning our fridge won’t swap over to 12volt when it’s not plugged in to 240v.

Aside from the above, the winch broke yesterday. That’s our three. The car, the van and the winch.

So that’s where we are at. Hopefully our next post is to tell you we’ve won the lotto! 😄