January Update

Update on the Ranger. Just got the new tyres fitted. Got a Ranger with new tyresreasonable trade in for the highway terrains so opted to get the tyres early. We have gone up a size for the tyre which puts the speedo spot on now. For some strange reason car manufacturers seem to think it is a good idea to build in an error into the car at the factory. Unfortunately the odometer is now out a bit. I chose to go with the Toyo Open Country MT as I have run this tyre now for a few years on my other utes and it performs brilliantly off road and gets good mileage.
Tim fitting out the car seatsWe decided to try and protect the interior a bit in the new car so a set of MSA seat covers has gone in. With snow going in the back seat, leaving the seats uncovered was not an option. You almost expect to find gold in these seat covers, the price they charge you. Just make sure you are sitting down when you get a quote.