Kuranda, the Daintree and Port Douglas

So, interesting title no? Basically, one day we went up to Kuranda, then checked out Palm Cove and the following day we went up to the Daintree and called into Port Douglas on the way back. It’s been a great few days up here!

Kuranda is an interesting place to visit, with a lot of quirk. For example, it has a transgender plane that worked in defence before going to work in the movie industry where it was blown-up and re-located to Kuranda; for no real reason that I could understand. But you know what, it just seemed to be the right place for it.

If you want to come and see Kuranda, why not catch the train up and the Skyrail back – that would be my recommendation as the views are simply spectacular and if you’re not confident driving the range,at least you now know there are other options.

The Daintree never disappoints, even when its raining! From Mossman George to crossing the ferry, seeing native wildlife, stopping off for ice cream and coming home late, it was an amazing day! We even saw some Cassowaries and a croc!

On our way back from the Daintree, we called into Hemingways (a micro brewery) and then had dinner in Port Douglas – again, another place in Far North Queensland that never disappoints. I swear I’ve yet to have a bad experience there.

I’ll fill you in about our adventures up at the Tablelands in the next post!