Oakely doakely

Snow's new bed

We’re on the countdown now! Some say we’ve left, others say the lap hasn’t started yet, either way, we are counting down and the bet has officially been closed!

Currently we are in Oakey and being in Oakey isn’t anything like a Christmas vacation. Although it is cold enough for a European Christmas. It’s been down to minus 1… We are surviving but it has been noted that Jodi does not get out of bed until it reaches double digits. Thankfully, the reverse cycle eventually comes into play so she doesn’t waste the entire day staying warm under the covers! Although Tim may dispute that.

Snow too has felt the cold. Initially she tried jumping into bed with us but we decided to buy her a new bed and since then, she seems happy. Well, she is no longer trying to get into our bed. So we are happy.

So we’ll only be in Oakey for a few more days before heading north(again). We will call into Rocky and clean up the mess we left at Jo’s folk’s house and then start The Lap 2.0! We still plan on heading north to experience the cape before heading west. Finger’s crossed, the blog will get regular updates going forward.

Take care everyone!