Our gear

All adventurers seem to like discussing their vehicle and what not.  As such, I thought it’d be interesting to add ours as well.

So we have a 2013 Ford Ranger, dual cab and in the first 10 months we had it, it was hit twice while parked. So along with some new paint work, other work we have had done includes:

  • ARB bull bar and side rails
  • Under body protection
  • 80L water tank
  • Long range fuel tank
  • chassis has been strengthened
  • two trays were built, unfortunately the steel tray was sold and we purchased a Buffalo Tray and had alterations done to it
  • Custom canopy built complete with rack
  • Canopy fitted out by Tim (check out the pics!)
  • MSA seat covers (so Jodi’s and Snow’s hair doesn’t get stuck on the seats!)
  • Light bars
  • Spots lights
  • Drop slide fridge
  • Awning (these last two are so we can have lunch on the road as per the pic)
  • TJM snorkel
  • GVM Upgrade

Other equipement includes:

  • 2015 Jayco Journey Outback Caravan
  • two bicycles
  • boat (until we’ve done the cape)
  • dog bed