Our journey west continues


We made it to WA! Sooner than planned believe it or not! We had intended to spend a few nights at different NT campsites but travesty struck… Timbo had a blowout so we needed to get some thongs ASAP. It still took us three days, but we got a pair in Kununurra! 😊

Before getting to Kununurra we stayed a couple of nights at Lake Argyle. This place is amazing! The change of landscape going from the NT to WA was noticeable and you can’t help  but immerse yourself in nature while at the Lake.

We did the sunset cruise (if you’re ever up here this is a must do) and loved it! Again, another warm day so we start the cruise with a quick dip, to then be told the lake holds between 25-35 thousand crocs. The good news, these crocs are freshwater crocs, they tend to be more timid. They will attack if they feel threatened, but usually they avoids us humans as much as possible!

This really was great news as we jumped back in just before the sun was setting. So we had a drink, had a swim and watched the sun set in another state. Another great day for us. This trip is full of great days! 😊