Our journey west

The day we left Edith Falls, we were hoping to get to Flora National Park, but due to an issue with the car we ended up driving back to Katherine and staying there for a few nights.

Katherine wasn’t too bad, and not only did we catch up with mates, we discovered the Katherine Hot Springs and enjoyed spending our time there.

Flora National Park was different. When we arrived, we were a little sceptical but after driving 40kms on dirt roads with loads of bulldust, we were committed. The camp grounds have only been opened since August this year, after been closed for almost 16months. On the up side, these camp grounds not only had toilets but showers as well! We were totally spoilt!!!

Boy was it hot! On the first night, we were both up at 1.30am, so we got up to see the temp, it was 34 degrees…at 1.30am! Crazy!!! Lucky we had the Milwaukee!

Tim did try his hand at fishing but no luck. We saw a few piggies and the piglets were incredibly cute but sadly the destruction they did to the riverbank in such a short time is terrible. And yes, while it looks like a great place to swim, I have two words for you: saltwater crocs!  They ruin everything!!