Paronella Park ~ best day ever!!!

A dream has been realised. Jodi has been talking about Paronella Park since we first visited Cairns over five years ago and seen as it was her birthday, we spent the day walking around the grounds and listening to the stories of Jose Paronella. What an amazing bloke!

The day started with a cooked breakfast, followed by a stroll around the park (where we lost track of time) and that evening we went and had dinner at Mission Beach.  A sensational day! Having said that, this post is all about the park!!!

Paronella Park is a remarkable place. Jose built a castle for his love and opened it to the public. However the creation and life of the park wasn’t without tragedy, which makes the story even more remarkable. We wont go into the details, as you will need to visit this place for yourself!

Knowing that this hidden gem is in Australia and on our doorstep in Queensland is amazing! To top it off, the grounds and buildings are powered by hydroelectricity. At the very least, check out the website!

Granted we haven’t seen much of Australia yet, but this will be a destination I implore you to see.  Take your time and do the guided tour. The pass allows access over two years which is great, as Tim visited some time back and mentioned there have been many changes to the park and they have many plans to update in the coming years. We hope to go back soon for the evening tour and after, to Mena Creek pub for a bite to eat.

Did you know the pub near the park, has it’s own beer – Mena Creek Gold. We’ve yet to try it. 🙁 Not from a lack of trying but both times we have called in, they were waiting on stock.

Below are some shots from the day. It really is an amazing place and we hope you get to see it some time.