We called in to see friends on the way back home. The plan (there’s that word again), was to stay the night, pick up the tray the next day and head home.

It really is beautiful in Pomona
It really is beautiful in Pomona

So the following morning,  as per instructions from the fabricators, we rocked up just before 8am to fit the tray. This was to take 1.5 – 2 hours. However, ‘big lap’ luck kicked in and after a lot of re-work, alterations and some scratches on the cab, we left a little deflated at 3.55pm… We were there all day with Snow.

Thankfully we were welcomed to stay with the Rays as long as we needed. Even better, their backyard is an oasis and so beautiful! It was the best place to be when all the issues with the tray were going on, as it seemed to be able to keep us somewhat calm.

So the following morning, Tim is out at the car and notices that not only had the paint been scratched off on one side of the canopy, but the other side had been dented. This was a major issue for us as the canopy was no longer dust/water proof.

So we were back at the fabricators around lunch and the items mentioned were fixed. I must say, they were happy to fix it, just a shame we needed to get this done.

After all this, I advised Tim, that I much preferred the tray he made and once we stop on this trip, I’ll buy him an aluminium welder and he can make me the original tray. Just not of out steel. 🙂

The bush is think in this part of the Sunny Coast

The only other concern we had on this part of the journey was that we felt Snow may have chosen to stay with the Rays. If you think we spoil her, The Rays took ‘spoiling’ to a whole new level! She was given a pillow for her bed, toys to play with and loads of cuddles!

When we left, it did look like she was thinking of trading up, but when we dangled Australia in front of her, well, we knew she’d still come with us!