Rinyirru (Lakefield)

What an amazing place. We camped on the banks of the Normanby River at Kalpowar Crossing and met a few gents (Mark and Geoff) travelling from Adelaide. It’s great to meet people while you are camping as when you run into them at another spot, it feels like you are running into old friends. They too were travelling the tip but planned on travelling the east coast, whereas we planned on going to as many places as we could.

To my amazement, this campsite had toilets and I was overjoyed when I saw they also had showers. Although the showers were basic; after a week of bush camping, it felt like I was at the Hilton. Pure decadence!

The next day was full of surprises for us. Firstly, Mark and Geoff offered to make us a morning coffee. Holy Cow! It rocked!!!! We had an espresso each. Traditionally we are ‘flat white’ kinda people, yet the taste of the espresso was sensational! Talk about indulgent! It was breakfast in bed – Hilton bush style! 🙂 We then said our goodbyes as we headed for different destinations.

Tim and I had booked two more nights in Lakefield at the Hahn River Crossing campsite. We got to our site and decided to keep on trucking as the boat ramp wasn’t great and  it seemed the camp we booked had more sun than shade. So then we thought we’d go and stay at Coen, but ended up at the Archer River Roadhouse and who should we see there but the boys! So we pulled up, cracked a beer and made camp next to our mates.

The following day we had a decision to make, either go with the boys to Chilli Beach or head to Weipa to catch up with some mates of Tim’s. I think bush camping was getting to us as we needed clean clothes, fresh water and to re-stock, so we decided to head to Weipa and said farewell to our mates with the intention that we’ll catch up again one day.