Snow at Carmila

We have been back in Innisfail now for a week and this has been the toughest week of our trip so far.
As many of you know, Snow was hit by a car and passed away while we were up the cape, so before we talk about our trip north, we’d like to just do a post on our little girl.
She was our family and we were her pack, so this has been hard for us. You see she was embedded in our lives, we had so many plans that involved her and now it feels like our world was knocked off its axis and we are currently in the process of settling in to our new norm.

We get it, you may think we are overreacting, but have you ever truly experienced unconditional love? Someone, always happy to see you no matter how bad your day was? Snow was that and more. She was the one we wanted to share this trip with, the one who woke us up every morning, the one who insisted we play ball 24/7, the one who understood travel and not once complained about being in the car, on the road, or going to visit any random place.
Many of you met her on our travels, or at BBQs, and we thank you for your messages of support, it meant the world to us.
So, we leave you with some pics of the good times the three of us shared.

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  1. I am sorry to hear that you lost Snowy. They become such a big part of your life

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