Test Run 26-30 Sept 2014

We spent the week out and about in Central Queensland. Initially we were to leave on the Monday, however we were out of favour with the gods, as the rain poured down.

We managed to get away late Tuesday and spent a few nights in Comet visiting old friends and family. It was great. We went for a ride in a 1947 Rover as well as a walk around Koolamon. It was beautiful and I was surprised that we didn’t come across any snakes. Funny as when we arrived home to Rocky, dad informed us that they had three baby snakes. Nice, there must be a nest about in the creek…

After Comet we drove into Emerald and caught up with some of Tim’s old work mates before heading to Blackwater for a catch-up with the Scutts. This was a very late night followed by a day of skiing. I was a little too tired to ski but was super impressed with Timbo. It’s been over 10 years since he last water skied, and he was up on the second go! Sadly, a little sore the next day.