The great south east… hang on, we planned on going north?

The one thing we have learned while on this epic adventure is that we must be flexible in our planning.

So when we found out our mate Cam from Toowomba, was getting married in November, we decided to head south before heading north and to use this trip as another test for our gear. On top of that we had to pick up our new, lighter tray from the Sunny Coast.

Toowoomba has some great places to eat out. I went to Cafe on the Park, and had such a fab time! Food was delish and the company great!

For the hens night, we went to Veraison for an indulgent night of food and wine. The 5 course degustation, started off by activating out palates and included a matching wine degustation!!! It was educational and fun!

The ‘big lap’ luck seemed to kick in at the bucks. As while the boys were doing laps in go-cart there was an accident in the car park. This wasn’t all bad as the driver came looking for the owner of the damaged car. Our car.

The bull bar on the Ranger needs to be fixed, but Tim was happy that that the driver came looking for him. The driver’s car sustained a lot more damage. Lucky for her, her parter is a panel beater.

The wedding we went to was beautiful. The bride was stunning and it’s always great to see the blokes in suits. The four lads looked very handsome. One thing I never thought I’d say about any of them, except of course, my Tim. 🙂

Unfortunately, on the same day, the ranger battery went flat, someone forgot his glasses (I missed some of the reception as I was collecting his glasses from town) and our beloved Snow became not so beloved after chewing through the canvas on the camper. She was soon forgiven once we realised she was tangled up and was trying to get in the camper during an afternoon storm. Don’t dismay, I did go and check on her between the service and reception, & on the way to collect the glasses.

We have decided no more test trips. Once we complete the current repairs we are off and will just work on the gear as we travel. Our gear will be Tim’s canvas – an evolving project. It will be interesting to see what we finish with. 🙂