Tropical North Queensland – Sept 16

Apologies in advance, as I’m writing this one on my phone. So fingers crossed it works.

What a trip so far! It’s been amazing! And to think we have such diverse landscape here in Oz! Having said that, I’m well over sandflies so glad we are moving on today, but before we move on, I need to catch you up on the adventure thus far.

We left Snow in trusted hands on Tuesday (thanks Plumbs – we are loving the updates of how she is going without us) and stayed with the Ramms in Cairns who weren’t 100% convinced we’d leave the next day, especially when an old school mate of Tim’s was in town. But we managed to catch up with him and get away on time!!! That’s news in itself. 🙂

Having said that, we decided not to go to Wujal Wujal that night but to spend a night in the Daintree. It was amazing and the rain-forest actually meets the reef! I know that’s the slogan for the area but I didn’t think I’d really walk out of the forest and be able to see the reef. It was right there, in the water!

The next day, we were hoping to spend a few days at Archer Point after calling to get permission. Tim hasn’t been there for 12 years and we were really looking forward to it. Sadly most of the roads have now been sealed to Cooktown and the unsealed road to Archer Point was amazing (recently graded) so sadly for us, there were too many people so we ended up having a look around and then heading on to Cooktown to do some washing and have a look around. It is such a historical place here. Did you know the first ever recorded form of reconciliation happened here back in Cook’s time?

So today we pack up and head to Cape Melville and then onto Lakefield. So we will be without power and amenities for just over a week. Fingers crossed we don’t surface too feral but I’ll update you on the trip once we hit civilisation in Weipa!