We are finally on the road!!!!

And have been for about a week.

Some of you may have seen a facebook status of Jodi’s, saying farewell to Rocky. Unfortunately we didn’t get away that day. Like you really expected us to! ūüôā

As it happened, some mates of Tim’s called over (they stopped by upon their return from Malawi) and then a crazy storm hit. So rather than taking off, we thought it best to help mum and dad clear the street ¬†and neighbour’s driveways,¬†then¬†leave the next day. ¬†After all, we’ve waited this long so one extra day won’t hurt.

A pathway to Rollingstone Creek
Steps to fun!

We took our time getting to Mackay and caught up with family before heading onto Townsville where we stayed with Tabby and Josh.  It was so hot  and muggy.  Jo took the weather hard, but thankfully Josh & Tabby took us to a few local creeks to cool off. Seriously clear water in those creeks.

While in the Ville, Tim managed to find a couple of micro breweries, as well as a craft beer festival. Naturally we had to go to the beer and cheese tasting event.  After much nagging, we conned Vossy into attending said event. It was very interesting to taste the impact cheese has on beer Рmuch like wine.

We finally arrived in Innisfail late Monday (Australia Day) and have set up camp. Not sure how long we will stay, I guess it depends on work for Tim. Fingers crossed a job comes through for him in Cairns as that will be solid work for 3-4 months. Just what we need before the next stage of the adventure!

Until then, there is the heat and humidity to keep us going!

A storm rolling over at Bushland Beach
A storm rolling over at Bushland Beach