We got a van!!!

The first day at the fair was so exciting. We rocked up to the train station only to realise we were the only people there under 65. The train was full. It was so crazy and everyone was looking at us, as clearly we must have been in the wrong place.

Sorry guys, but consider us your Grey Nomad companions – yep, and only in our thirties!
It was such a long day. We were one of the last ones to leave the park that day and there was a noticeable drop in attendance around 3pm (nanna nap time).  We left the park after the event was closed and feeling so excited while the options of the day sunk in.

The next morning, we were up early feeling very low. It was such a contrast to the high of yesterday. We realised that we only liked parts of the caravans and neither of us were keen on just one complete van.

It was so overwhelming and to top it off,  we realised we have potentially blown our budget. Each van we saw, we were adding to our spending, starting at a realistic amount and with each van we saw, thought it best to increase our budget. We had been through the entire showgrounds and didn’t find one caravan to suit our needs and that was within our budget. We were hoping to find something at the show, make an offer and drive down the following week to collect. Sadly this wasn’t the case.
As we walked around, we discussed the pros and cons of blowing our budget but then realised this is our first caravan and seriously, anything will be a step up from what we had before. Having said that, neither of us wanted to feel ripped off again.

So we didn’t make a choice. We went into recon mode. We gathered as much data as we could and came home to debrief.

After all our research, we opted for an off-road Jayco. There is a  limit to accessing the outback in a caravan, as caravan’s are obviously bigger than camper-trailers, but we can now fit the swag in the caravan. So potentially we may see more of the country. Granted, the boat can’t come, but hey, with some of the remote places we’ll be visiting, I’m sure we’ll still enjoy fishing from the banks! 🙂

NEW ETD: November – once the caravan is built and we have taken it on a test trip!