We venture into the gulf

Tim got a call to do some work up at Normanton, so sadly our time at the tablelands was cut short but at least we got to catch up with a few mates before we left. 

There is so much to do up at the Tablelands and we know we’ll be back, so we’ll just have to continue exploring the Tablelands at a later date. 

The trip to Normanton was rushed but we were able to spend a night at Croydon. What a lovely historical stop that was. Not only to check out the historical precinct, or to walk through the old Chinese Temple memorial, but also as that’s where my dad’s family are from. 

Some of you are understandably confused by this as he constantly carries on about Charter’s Towers being the center of the universe, however dad’s parents came from the Croydon area. Some of you may have seen a photo on our instagram, of the pub that my grandma owned and ran. Well what a little beauty she is. To top it off, it’s the last pub (of 36 pubs) in Croydon that is still up and running! 

I’m hoping to go back to Croydon and visit the tourist information center there and chase up some more goss on our family. It’s pretty interesting finding out little snippets of where you come from. 

Not much to report on from Normanton, other than when Tim isn’t working, we’re busy fishing. Such is life. 🙂