Weipa and the Pennefather River

Sunset at Pennefather River

As you know, we were heading to Weipa to catch up with some old friends of Tim. We spent a few days just hanging out. It was great to call in and see the West’s, catch-up and spend some time with their family.

Weipa really is an interesting mining town. Having said that, we decided to head to the Pennefather River while we were on the west coast and boy oh boy was it fun! Once again we were blessed to meet many lovely people, visit a great place in our country and do some fishing!

The fishing here was amazing but the 12 hour tide took some getting use too. Sadly, because of this tide, we missed out on getting quality mud crabs as our pots got eaten out. 🙁 Thankfully, the fishing made up for it. Although we took the boat, we still managed to get some great fish off the banks.

It is an amazing place for wildlife spotting. We saw a dingo and her 4 pups, a crazy amount of birds, an array of fish and a croc or two. The amount of fish we saw was amazing and we caught some great fish too! Nothing beats eating fresh fish, grilled on the BBQ with a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon. One night we even had a green fish curry. Yummo!

The fish was so prevalent, that of a night-time, from our tent, you could hear the barra chomping. Why didn’t we get out and fish on those nights? Simple, when the barra were around, so was a lovely 3.5 metre croc. He/she could have as much fish as it wants!

We spent three nights at the Pennefather and headed back to Weipa. We only wanted to stop in quickly this time as we needed to get on with the trip. We did have some electrical issues that Tim was able to sort out with the help of Redarc support. What a support team they have!

So late afternoon we drove through to Bramwell Station and get this, we had the entire place to ourselves! The benefit of traveling at the end of the season when it’s hot, is that you get pick of the place!

Bramwell station was amazing, had great staff and here we me two lovely ladies from Melbourne, who are also on a trip around Oz! The girls (as we fondly referred to them as) had booked accommodation for the night at the station, so we had the entire camp ground to ourselves. I think this was heaven on earth for Tim. Seriously, he was walking around on cloud nine the entire time. I was worried I may have to remind him that we were not alone and as such to keep his clothes on, but, he behaved himself.