Where has the time gone?

So much has gone on in recent weeks: Tim returned to Rocky to sort out the problems we were having with the camper and was fortunate enough to walk into some work and I returned a few weeks after that, once my contract finished with JCU. And it has been non stop since!

After this post, I hope to never mention the camper again, but I’ve never been so thankful for a faulty product! You see, if we didn’t have ongoing issues with the camper, we wouldn’t have needed to bring it back to get fixed.

I arrived home late Thursday, 23 April and went in and had a quick chat to my grandma. She was so excited to see me. I got a hug and a kiss before heading to bed. It was after 10 at night and I had to start my new job at 7am so I was really looking forward to some shut eye. Nothing unusual here.

The following day, grandma took a turn and was back in hospital. A few days later, we were planning her return home via GARS when it appears she had another two strokes in hospital.  We knew she had already used up all her miracles and grandma passed peacefully, surrounded by her family on Monday, 11 May the day after Mother’s Day.  Sadly, only days prior, we also lost a close family friend. It was a crap week.

It has been emotional few weeks and we are truly blessed to have known them both and have the opportunity to have been in Rocky when our families needed us. Even if it was to simply make tea and coffee or be there for hug when needed or simply provide a familiar face, and shoulder to cry on.

Obviously, at the time, we didn’t know how fortunate we were to have purchased a faulty camper but the update on the camper is that we sold it. We tried to get our money back or have it replaced, but instead we agreed to get it fixed and have them help us sell it. I’m not sure they understood why we wanted to get rid of it, but after being fixed for the third time, in under 10 months, we were over it and lost our joy in the camper. So we took a hit financially, but are still in the game mentally. The people we sold it too are lovely and I think are going to love camping in the camper. They couldn’t believe all the work Tim had put into the camper and said it was everything they dreamed of. That’s how it’s meant to be.

So now Tim and I are off to Brisbane in early June for the caravan and camping show and hope to find our dream touring accommodation there! We are now looking at completing our trip in an off-road caravan and taking the swag with us too. At this stage, the boat won’t be making this adventure but I’ll be sure to send an update from the show, or at the very least, send through some photos!

Oh and the picture used for today’s update, that’s my grandma on her wedding day. Such a lady who had such sharp wit, right up until the end.