Wrap up for 2016

the big lap

We had a lovely Christmas with the Plumbs and celebrated New Year at Cardwell – good food, great company, cold beers and freshwater creeks! Life doesn’t get any better!

Rather than go into too much detail, I thought it best to just load a few pics. Sadly the pics don’t do any justice to the locations, but trust me, beautiful spots up here. Oh, and the video is just a clip of Timbo doing some 4wdriving at what we call the Natural Arch (not sure if that’s an official title or not, but it seems fitting).

Before Christmas, we spent a weekend at the Natural Arch, swimming and bush driving.

Over New Years, we went swimming at Deep Water near Cardwell as well as 5 Mile Swimming Hole which was a great place for a hangover, especially as it provided free entertainment to the kids in the form of elevated banks! Yep, the kids enjoyed jumping from trees and the bank, while us oldies enjoyed the refreshing water!

Enjoy the pics!