Farewell Queensland ~ hello Northern Territory!

Its been a while since our last update and yep, you read that right, we are out of the homeland and are venturing to places we’ve never been before!

Well, we have both visited Darwin, but that was via plane, so it doesn’t count! 🙂

We left the gulf and had three days to travel 2,170kms to our destination: Darwin. What a trip it was.

Originally we planned to go via the coast, but as it was the end of the wet season we had to change the plan and go via sealed roads which turned out to be just as interesting.

Our first day, we didn’t get away till after lunch and we could have got further, but we were so excited to see a city that we decided to stop in at Mt Isa.  What a rich history that town has and we were surprised to see that the town was built around the mine. Like smack bang in the centre of town, was the mine. So very interesting.

The second night, well, some of you may have seen the pics of us at the Daly Waters Pub, but sadly, google maps was a little off and we missed our intended destination by about 10 – 15kms. Still had a pub, just the wrong one. The pub we were at, was on the Stuart Highway, a lovely spot really, but the one we were after, well, it has more character. And why wouldn’t it when it was built in the 1930’s! Read all about the pub here!

For my mates overseas, this pub is pretty amazing when you realise that the Stuart Highway became a fully sealed road in the 1980’s and the Royal Flying Doctors Service still use this highway as an emergency landing strip.

Back to the pub – we drove past the right pub the following morning and saw that a small town was built around it and an old army base. Surprisingly, a lot of places up here were established from what were originally an army base. Queensland, towns were mostly established from booming mines or ports.

We made it to Darwin on the third day (Sunday) in time for me to start work on the Monday. We weren’t in Darwin long before Tim went home and prepared for the flood. Thankfully, we have amazing friends and family so all our stuff was A-OK! Thanks again to all!

We have started exploring the region of Darwin, and its so interesting being on a working holiday as we capitalise on the moments. Rather than simply saying ‘oh we must try that’ or ‘one day we’ll do that’ we now say ‘that looks fun, when should we do it’ and lock it in!

It’s a nice way to live, but I’m sure we’ll have a weekend or two where we just veg. Having said that, I only have 9 weeks left on my contract! Working holidays can be tough but it’s worth it!

This was the view from our van at Karumba! Beautiful, simply beautiful.