There have been many crow calls in our camp lately.

To say this trip has taken  a mental toll on us already, is a gross understatement.

When we came home from some work out at Orion, we decided it was best to have the chassis strengthen prior to heading north, so once again we planned a quick trip south. Creative Conversions were great at getting us in as they knew we needed to get on the road ASAP.

Christmas was spent with the family and we arranged to camp with some mates for NYE. We were pretty stoked to show off our new home on wheels. But sadly, we opened the camper after Christmas and it was covered in mould. Everywhere. Doors, floors, roof, ceiling. Everywhere.

So we spent New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve scrubbing out the camper using 11 and 1/3 bottles of Antibacterial Cuddly Concentrate Fabric Softener and then a final spray of oil of cloves to ensure the mould spores were annihilated. It took 2-3 days to dry and then it was back to where we purchased the camper from, to get sealed properly.

Upon our return from Brissy it rained, so we checked the camper the following day only to find water on the canvas. There was no language, no words. Just silence.

After we spoke about the pros and cons of burning the camper and travelling with the swag, we realised that it would be better if we did the work ourselves. We didn’t take into account how mad we would get, stripping it back and seeing all the short cuts taken and the poor work produced.

I know a lot of people are questioning why we didn’t go back, but we can’t understand why we would. We knew we could do a better job, use better materials and actually end up with a half decent product, so that’s why. Don’t worry, once we are calm, we will call them and let them know exactly what was wrong and what needed to be done to fix it and how unhappy we are with their product. Even their staff mentioned that it’s hit and miss with their product. Some campers are great, yet, some campers like ours, are just problematic.

But alas, our future is now back in the hands of Hughie. Will

  • the sealant dry in time
  • we be able to put the carpet back in time
  • the camper be packed

all before it rains? It’s pretty overcast out there.

You know what, bring it on Hughie! Tim and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and for us, it just keeps getting brighter!